Research Introduction


Aiming at the frontier of scientific research, closely focusing on the major environmental mechanics problems in the disaster prevention and mitigation project in the west and serving the western economic construction, the laboratory has achieved remarkable results in basic research and engineering application research. It has obtained project fund of 22.8 million yuan and undertaken more than 419 scientific research projects, including 4 first-level projects of the 973 Program, 1 innovative research group of the National Fund Committee, 1 national 111 talent introduction base, 1 first-level project of the 863 Program, 3 programs of the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund (including 1 overseas fund), 5 major programs of The National Natural Science Foundation of China, 88 programs of The National Natural Science Foundation of China, and 2 technology support plan programs of the national “11thfive-year plan”. A number of scientific research achievements of the laboratory have won national-level science and technology awards. The project of “Theoretical Research on Multi-field Coupling Nonlinear Mechanical Behavior of Electromagnetic Material Structures” completed by Professor Zheng Xiaojing and Professor Zhou Youhe won the second prize of National Natural Science, which is the first second-class prize of the national science and technology award independently accomplished by our university; the project of “Desertification Process and Controlling in Northern China” fulfilled by Professor Zheng Xiaojing and Professor Zhou Youhe won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award (our school is the second complete unit); the project of “Key Technology and Application of New Assembly Integrated Floor System” finished by Professor Zhou Xuhong won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award (our school is the second complete unit); the project of “Mechanical Study on the Characteristics and Patterns of Multiple Coupling Fields in Wind-sand Movement” carried out by Professor Zhou Youhe, Professor Zheng Xiaojing and Professor Huang Ning won the first prize of the Natural Science Award of the Ministry of Education; the project of “Development and Application of Key Technologies for Protecting Earth Sites in Arid Environments” conducted by Professor Chen Wenwu, Professor Zhang Huyuan and Professor Zhang Jingke won the second prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award (our school is the second complete unit). At the same time, the related research team of the laboratory also won 1 first prize of the National Natural Science Award of the Ministry of Education, 5 provincial first prizes, 4 provincial second prizes and 2 provincial third prizes, and completed 3 project appraisals, of which the comprehensive evaluation of the key research project of “Basic Mechanical Problems in the Study of Wind-sand Movement” supported by National Natural Science Foundation and led by Professor Zheng Xiaojing was A.

The laboratory has published a total of 1613 papers, including 637 papers in SCI and 282 papers in EI, and 27 books and textbooks. Among them, the English academic monograph Mechanics of Wind-blown Sand Movements written by Professor Zheng Xiaojing was published by Spring-Verlag Publishing House of Germany and was collected in the academic monograph series of 'Environment Science and Engineering'; the Theoretical Mechanics independently written and edited by Professor Zhou Youhe was published by the Higher Education Press as a textbook for higher education. The laboratory has obtained 217 patents, including 95 invention patents, 143 utility models, and 2 US patents, 11 software copyright registrations and 9 national industry codes. The academic achievements of the dominant characteristics research have exerted important impact at home and abroad.

'Very large scale motions in the Atmospheric surface layer: a field investigation', the research achievement made by academician Zheng Xiaojing's research team on large-scale turbulent motion in the atmospheric surface boundary layer in Minqin Sandstorm Field Observation Station was published in Journal of Fluid Mechanics, the authoritative journal in the fluid mechanics research field in 2016. The publication of this paper marks that the study on environmental mechanics of aeolian sand of our university enters into the deep frontier of fluid mechanic;

The paper published by Professor Zheng Xiaojing, Professor Zhou Youhe and his doctoral candidate Gou Xiaofan on IEEE Trans. Applied Superconductivity was awarded the Van Duzer Prize by the IEEE Superconducting Committe.

The paper about experimental and theoretical research on wind-sand electricity published by Professor Zheng Xiaojing, Professor Huang Ning and Professor Zhou Youhe in 2003 on Journal of Geophysical Research, the world's leading academic journal in the field of wind and sand environmental mechanics, has been quoted for three times and given positive evaluation by the News and Views Column of Nature.

Three academic papers have been listed as highlights by prestigious international journal. The independent research paper on the theoretical prediction model and method of sand incident velocity and incident angle of sand movement on Mars finished by the academician Zheng Xiaojing's research group is listed as the Highlights of 2013 by the famous physics journal New Journal of Physics. The academic paper on the numerical simulation study of straw checkerboard made by Professor Huang Ning’s research group is listed as the Highlights of 2013 by the famous physics journal European Physical Journal E. The academic paper on the study on magnetic and mechanical properties of NiMnGa alloy completed by Professor Wang Xingzhe's research group is listed as the Highlights of 2012 by Smart Mater. Struct..

The new method developed by mechanics discipline in the study of mechanical properties of CICC stranded cable has drawn great attention of Professor Around, head of the superconducting magnet technology of International Thermonuclear Fusion Reactor (ITER) headquarters. He actively reaches agreement with the ITER Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology to promote the academic exchange at Gansu Baiyin Changtong Cable Factory between the laboratory and Dr. Denis, the technology representative of CICC superconducting stranded conductor of ITER headquarters as well as technicians of relevant research. The latest achievement in biomechanics headed by Dr. Wang Jizeng, a distinguished professor of Cuiying scholars, was continuously reported by the top journals of international biophysics. The Journal of Chinese Sciences also continuously reported this research result. The paper named “A simple modeling and experiment on dynamic stability of a disk rotating in air” published by Professor Wang Xingzhe in the Volume 8 of international academic journal Int. J. Structural Stability and Dynamics (IJSSD) was awarded the Best Paper Award by this academic journal in 2018.

Engineering Geology Line Selection of Qinghai-tibet Railwayco-edited by Chen Wenwu was published by Lanzhou University Press in 2009 and then selected into the third “Three Hundreds” original publishing project of the General Administration of Press and Publication. The academic paper written by Professor Wang Jizeng's research group won the 'Best Poster Prize' at the “International Symposium on Frontiers in Applied Mechanics, 2014” held in Singapore. The academic paper of Professor Zhang Xingyi's research group was awarded the 'Best Poster Prize' in “International Autumn Conference on Experimental Mechanics and International Symposium on Dynamic Loading and Its Effects”; the 'Second Phase Protection Project of Xinjiang Bezeklik Cave', which was co-designed by the Cultural Relics Protection Research Center, was jointly awarded the “First National Top Ten Cultural Relics Protection Project” by the State Cultural Relics Bureau, the Ancient Site Protection Association of China and China’s Cultural Relics News Agency. The project of “Integration and Promotion and Application of Soil Relic Protection and Reinforcement Technology in Arid Environment” which is co-completed by the laboratory as the second complete unit has won the first prize for science and technology progress of Gansu province. The application of its research result in the protection project of Jiaohe Old City in Xinjiang has been praised as “the example of the protection of earthen sites”.

Research Orientation

Research Orientation 1: The Process of Desertification and Its Aeolian Environmental Mechanics

lCross-scale Mechanical Modeling and Numerical Simulation of The the Sand Medium Multi-field Coupling

lMechanical Evaluation Model for the Design of Sand-control Project

lExperimental and Theoretical Studies on the Wind-sand Electricity Mechanism and Its Effect

Research Orientation 2: Geological Disaster Prevention and Its Mechanism in Western China

lSlope Stability Analysis and Landslide Dynamic Process

lThe Occurrence and Development of Debris Flow and Its Prevention Engineering

lThe Phase Transition Mechanism of Frozen Soil and the Hydrothermal Coupling Mechanism of Soil Mass

Research Orientation 3: Mechanical Characteristics of Protection and Reinforcement of Ancient Sites in Western China

lThe Mechanical Properties of the Protection and Reinforcement Project of Conglomerate Grottoes

lReinforcement Materials and Mechanical Properties of Soil Construction Sites

lSimulation of Mechanical Properties of Cultural Relic Materials in Long-term Deterioration Process

Research Orientation 4: Quantitative Analysis of Multi-field Coupling Complex System and Cross-scale Nonlinear Mechanics

lNumerical Modeling and Calculation of Cross-scale Mechanical System

lCalculation Method of Multifield Coupling Nonlinearity for Complex Mechanical System

lHigh-performance Parallel Computing for Massive Computing

Research Orientation 5: Research on Functional New Materials and Intelligent Structure

lHigh-performance Superconducting Material

l3D Printing Graphene-based Smart Structure and Multifunctional Composite Material

lNew Reinforcement Material of Carbon Fiber Structure