Lanzhou University And Shanghai Superconductor Signed A Cooperation Agreement To Promote The Deep Integration Of Superconducting Materials And Mechanics

On September 28, Ma Tao, chairman of Shanghai Superconductor Technology Co., LTD., and his delegation of 4 people came to the university for industry-university-research cooperation. They conducted industry-university-research cooperation discussion on superconducting materials and technology with School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics of Lanzhou University and signed a cooperation agreement.

Ma Tao, Chairman of Shanghai Superconductor Technology Co., LTD., Hong Zhiyong, Executive Director, Zhu Jiamin, President, Li Hang, Deputy Manager of Strategic Development Department; Cao Aihui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Lanzhou University, Zhou Youhe, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of the College of Civil Engineering and Mechanics, Wang Chaoping, executive director of the Institute of Science and Technology Development, Li Xiaoli, Secretary of the Party Committee of Lanzhou University, Huang Ning, President and Wang Shengzhe, vice president attended the signing of the cooperation agreement. The event was hosted by Huang Ning.

Zhou and the academician introduced the current research progress of the Institute of Superconducting Mechanics of Lanzhou University to the signatory representatives, and the cooperation areas with relevant institutes and enterprises, and expressed good wishes for the in-depth cooperation between the two sides in the future. Professor Zhou said that the second generation of superconducting strips has been used in power engineering, including power grid transportation, and has significant advantages in future applications of high-field magnets. The preparation of superconducting materials is the premise and foundation of superconducting application, and mechanics and multi-field performance characterization are the indispensable key links in superconducting technology and application. The cooperation between the two sides is driven by scientific problems and major demands, and it is also an urgent need to solve deep technical bottlenecks. Wang introduced in detail the basis of relevant cooperative research from the aspects of the development of mechanics discipline, the creation of the interdisciplinary field of superconducting electromagnetic solid mechanics and recent research progress of Lanzhou University.

Hong Zhiyong introduced the company's development history, technical advantages, marketing and sales, key technical problems, strategic development plan and other aspects, and said that the company is currently in a new development stage of capacity expansion, technical breakthroughs and talent reserve.

Representatives of the two sides signed an agreement on industry-university-research cooperation and held discussions on the specific content of future cooperation.

Cao Aihui, on behalf of the university, welcomed Chairman Ma Tao and his delegation and affirmed the school-enterprise cooperation model. He said that under the leadership of Academicians Zhou Youhe and Zheng Xiaojing, the mechanics discipline of Lanzhou University takes root in the west, aims at the frontier and is committed to solving the country's most urgent scientific research problems. With its unique characteristics in the field of superconducting electromagnetic mechanics and wind-blown sand environment mechanics, it has become a beautiful name card of Lanzhou University. It is hoped that the two sides will draw on each other's strengths, achieve common development and achieve win-win results, and promote the transformation of basic applied research into scientific and technological productivity.

Ma Tao said that as the basic products of the second generation of high temperature superconducting materials and the world's first tier of production enterprises, shoulder the mission and responsibility of the development of superconducting technology. Cooperation between the two sides is the inevitable trend of the combination of applied basic research and high-tech industry. He said that the comparative advantages of high temperature superconducting strip in application fields have been clear, but in various application links, there are still a lot of important exploration space for the study of electromagnetic mechanics of high temperature superconducting magnets. The signing of the agreement is the seed of cooperation. The future cooperation will continue to deepen. We look forward to a deeper and broader cooperation with Lanzhou University.

The signing parties also reached consensus on the joint application of large-scale demonstration projects, platform construction, personnel training and other aspects. After the meeting, Ma Tao and his delegation visited the Superconducting Mechanics Laboratory of Lanzhou University, the world's first full-background field superconducting material mechanical property testing device independently developed by Zhou You and his team of academicians, etc.