Strengthen School-Enterprise Cooperation and Seek a New Chapter For Development--Two New Talent Training Practice Bases in the College of Civil Engineering And Mechanics

  Recently, the School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics is actively planning the "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities, and has signed the undergraduate internship training base with the Institute of Geological and Natural Disaster Prevention and Control of the Gansu Academy of Sciences and the Gansu China Construction Municipal Engineering Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd. The practice base for full-time professional degree graduate students held an inauguration ceremony and held a school-enterprise cooperation symposium. Gao Shiming, Dean of Gansu Academy of Sciences, Liu Jianrong, Vice Dean, Leadership Member of the Institute of Geological Natural Disaster Prevention and Control, Chu Liming, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of China Northwest Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Gansu Zhongjian Municipal Engineering Survey and Design Institute Co., Ltd. Company General Manager Zhang Enxiang, Deputy General Managers Shen Qiuwu, Zhang Senan, He Laping, Chief Engineer Long Zhao, Party Secretary Li Xiaoli of the College of Civil Engineering and Mechanics of Lanzhou University, Professor Lv Qingfeng, Head of Professional Degrees, Associate Professor Liu Ping, Deputy Director of the Department of Geological Engineering, etc. Professional teachers and academic staff participated in the activity.

  During the discussion, Li Xiaoli said that with the urgent need for high-level practical ability and high-level application-oriented talents in the country's economic construction and social development, continue to strengthen the practice of undergraduate teaching, continuously optimize the type and structure of talent training, and accelerate the development of professional degree graduate education. , Deepening the integration of production and education and school-enterprise cooperation is an important guarantee for Lanzhou University to actively adapt to the national development strategy and fulfill the requirements of talent training, and it is particularly important for the training of engineering talents. The School of Civil Engineering and Mechanics is an engineering and research-oriented college integrating applied basic research, engineering scientific research, engineering design, and engineering management. The college closely focuses on major issues in the economic and social development of the western region. A series of theoretical and engineering application studies have been carried out in the fields of structural engineering, disaster prevention and mitigation engineering, and leading research results have been obtained, and a group of high-level applied talents required by the country have been cultivated. In this school-enterprise cooperation, the two parties use the practice base as a platform to carry out more extensive teaching, scientific research and academic exchanges on the basis of previous cooperation to achieve resource sharing and complementary advantages. The college will also use high-quality resources to help the construction of corporate talent teams, Technology upgrades and subject research. This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The college will effectively use theory to guide practice and promote work, hoping to contribute more to the promotion of local economic and social development!

  The participants exchanged views on further in-depth cooperation.