Dr. Jing Ze, Trained by Professor Zhou Youhe, Won The Academic Award of Superconducting Science And Technology, the Top International Journal in the Field of Superconducting Electrical Engineering

Before the Spring Festival, Jing Ze, a graduate doctor trained by Professor Zhou Youhe, a discipline of mechanics in our college, was awarded the first prize of "The Jan Eventts SUST Award 2020" by the international top journal Superconductor Science and Technology. This is another international academic award for talent cultivation after the discipline of mechanics in our college was awarded The Von Duzer Prize by the IEEE Superconducting Committee in 2008.

The award was established in 2017, and will be reviewed and awarded annually in 2018, mainly to young authors of outstanding papers published in this journal every year. Three people will be awarded in each session, and they will be graded according to "first prize", "second prize" and "third prize". The first prize winner will be awarded a certificate with a reward of 500 pounds, and the rest will only be awarded certificates. See the website for details

Dr. Jing Ze was admitted to Lanzhou University from Zhangye, Gansu Province in 2010. After graduation, he was recommended to study for a doctorate under the name of Professor Zhou Youhe with excellent results. After receiving his doctorate in 2015, he worked as a lecturer in xidian university. From September 2019 to September 2020, as a visiting scholar, he went to the famous superconductivity research group of Cambridge University, England to carry out cooperative research. In January 2021, his application for the post of prospective professor of Northwestern Polytechnical University was approved after the communication review and the defense organized by the university, and he is currently going through the transfer procedures.

Up to now, Dr. Jing Ze has published 24 SCI papers, including 8 papers published in Superconductor Science and Technology, and has become one of the scholars who published more papers in this journal at the same time. His research mainly focuses on theoretical modeling and quantitative analysis of multi-field coupling of electricity, magnetism, heat and force in superconducting materials and structures, including magnetic flux collapse due to instability of superconducting magnetic-thermal interaction, superconducting vortex dynamics, delamination failure of superconducting tapes and fracture mechanics of bulk materials, etc. The achievements have been affirmed by international counterparts, either the existing experimental features that are difficult to study theoretically are revealed by theoretical simulation, or the new phenomena discovered by theory are confirmed by foreign experiments, or the proposed calculation formulas are directly adopted by foreign scholars, etc. These contributed to his evaluation of this award as "His main contribution makes a distinctive progress for recognizing the mechanics-relevant behaviors in superconductors".

Dr. Jing Ze is diligent and hard-working. He dares to challenge the difficult problems in the application of superconducting materials and is good at achieving results. As a graduate student, he published 11 SCI international journal papers. After work, he still cooperated with the mechanics discipline of Lanzhou University and published many papers.