The English Monograph Written by Professor Zhou Youhe was Published by Springer-Nature, an Internationally Renowned Publishing House

Recently, Lanzhou University Zhou Youhe wrote an English monographWavelet Numerical Method and Its Applications in Nonlinear Problems"As“Engineering Applications of Computational Methods”Volume of series bookssixBy internationally renowned publishing housesSpringer-NaturePublishing house officially published.

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The main body of the book consists of 470 Pages, divided into 12 Chapters. Its distinctive feature is the calculation method proposed by the author to solve all kinds of problems from weak nonlinearity to strong nonlinearity in a closed way, and a large number of successful examples implemented by the team. 

This book is based on Higher Mathematics , and is developed in a gradual and orderly way. On the basis of this mathematics, readers can easily accept and understand the introduction of this book. As Professor Liu Guirong, a famous American computational mechanic who prefaced the book, pointed out in the preface:“The methods for numerical solutions to mechanics problems, especially strongly nonlinear problems, have been a challenging subject, compared to linear problems to which the solution methods are relatively mature both in formulation and implementations”;“Searching for more effective, unique, and/ or alternative methods for different types of problems has motivated many researchers. Wavelet methods are among such methods for nonlinear initial-val ue and boundary-value problems in engineering and sciences”;“This book well summarizes the achievements of the wavelet-based methods for nonlinear problems conducted in Prof. Zhou’s research group during the past 20 years. It has a balanced description of mathematic rigor and implementation techniques, and hence is a very good reference for researchers engaged in solving those complex nonlinear problems using wavelet methods. It will also be a valuab le reference book for both beginners and engineers”.