"Lanzhou University Turbulence-Particle Research Center" and "Lanzhou University Superconducting Mechanics Research Institute" of Our Institute were Approved to be Established

After the application for the subject of mechanics of our institute and sent for external review, the school recently approved the establishment of the "Lanzhou University Turbulence-Particle Research Center" and the "Lanzhou University Superconducting Mechanics Research Institute", and also hired Academician Zheng Xiaojing as the director of "Lanzhou University Turbulence-Particle Research Center",and Professor Zhou Youhe as the dean of the "Lanzhou University Superconducting Mechanics Research Institute".

 "Lanzhou University Turbulence-Particle Research Center" was established based on the substantial progress made in the study of turbulence-particle interaction in sandstorms and sandstorms. Aims to gather the superior scientific research strengths in the fields of fluid mechanics, wind-sand environment mechanics, turbulent multiphase flow, etc., to study the turbulence-particle interaction in wind-sand and sand-dust storms, and to focus on the frontier basic subject of high Reynolds number wall turbulence. Long-term, efficient, and systematic research to form a scientific research center that not only meets the major needs of China, but also has distinctive features and international influence. The main research directions of the center include: high-Reynolds number wall turbulence research on the atmospheric surface layer; turbulent multiphase flow research; turbulence-particle two-phase flow high-precision simulation research; sand and dust storm material transport process and mechanism, etc.

The Department of Mechanics of Lanzhou University is the pioneering and leading unit of superconducting mechanics research in China. The research results in the theory of superconducting multiphysics interaction, basic experiments, and experimental device development, have provided mechanical support from "0" to "1" for the design and preparation of more than 100 superconducting magnets . The “Lanzhou University Superconducting Mechanics Research Institute” will mainly focus on the common key mechanical problems faced by the development, design, and preparation of high-field superconducting magnets in our country’s thermonuclear fusion energy reactors and other large-scale scientific installations. Basic research to promote the formation of independent design theories and methods in this field in China. The main research directions of the institute include superconducting multi-field coupling mechanics under extreme service environment; high-field superconducting magnet structure mechanics; superconducting material and structure experimental mechanics; superconducting material structure preparation and operation process key mechanics, etc.