Lanzhou University Undergraduates Participated in the National College Students Structure Design Information Technology Competition for the First Time and Won the Prize

On June 30th, the winners of the second "National College Students Structure Design Information Technology Competition", sponsored by the Education Committee of China Civil Engineering Society, were unveiled. Lanzhou University is led by Mr. Yajun Wang from College of Civil Engineering and Mechanics. Six undergraduates from the grade of 2016 and 2017 will form two teams to participate in the competition. The "one-step one-punch team" composed of Shuanbing Xue , Chen Gao, and Chunyan Nie won the second prize. This is the first time for our school to participate in this competition. 

For more than half a year, under the guidance of Mr. Yajun Wang, the team members overcame many difficulties and finally achieved excellent results in the competition after repeated discussions, design optimization, model determination, and hands-on production.By participating in the competition, students further strengthened their professional theoretical knowledge learning, enhanced their practical ability, and improved their professional level. The contestants got Lanzhou university "collaborative innovation entrepreneurship education reform education practice base" project "collaborative education base construction based on BIM" support, reflecting the project in to improve students' quality, carry out project associated with BIM technology, cultivate the students' professional interest in learning, innovative consciousness, and innovative ability have played an important role.

The competition, which took 234 days from the first announcement (October 10, 2019) to the submission of entries, attracted 2,140 teams from 341 universities, including Tsinghua University, Southeast University, and Tianjin University. The competition has played an active role in stimulating students' professional interest and improving their practical ability.